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Monday, 18 March 2013

Best 2 ways to Earn Money through BLOG | WEBSITE

There are various ways to earn money form home / online.

I like to mention best 2 way to earn money online.

1. We can earn money through Adsense

    * Google Adsense
    * Chitika Adsense

The above are the best to Adsense network. Google blogs has  a better understanding with chitika. So no problem in using both the Adsense.
You cna get either by,

1. Pay per impression
2. Pay per click.

You can register google adsense once your blog has 15 posts and at least 6 months old. you can apply even before but it would be difficult to get approval or you should be lucky enough.

Chitika adsense gives you a chance even though your blog is new. It will give you a default adlink "" and check you sites activity and produce a report based on that. Make sure that you are not clicking your own ads.

You can earn also using referral programs, by referring others users to promote Chitika ads.

Apply to be a Chitika Publisher!
From the earnings of referred people, who were by you  , you can get 10% of their revenue (Their income will not get affected).

2. Excluding Adsense You can Earn from affiliate programs.

What is affiliate program ?

Promoting products of other companies like E-commerce, Matrimonial Websites.
Once you registered in their affiliate program, they will give you a code with your own ID , which you can place any where in your blog. Once the user clicks the image and go to the link & add their product to the cart or registered to their account(for shaadi like that) you will get paid.

Best Affiliate programs Available are:
  • E-Bay
  • Flipkart
  • Tradus
  • Shaadi
  • Yaathra 
  • Go daddy
The above mentioned are the trustworthy affiliate programs which you can start work with. You can just go to their website and start working.

I hope this information will help you in making money with your blog either through Adsense or Affiliate Marketing. If you have any doubt please post your comment here , I am happy to answer you.


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  1. Hi,
    Great blog you explain two best ways to earn money through blog i agree with you to earn money through best affiliate programs, you explain great list of best affiliate programs.