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Friday, 15 March 2013

Ways to earn online India | Chitika Ads Review India

Apply to be a Chitika Publisher!Hi my dear friends !

I want you share you a superb information regarding "Making money from home". Many of you may have heard about earning through Ads.

Most people go for Google adsense, But google Adsense Approval is not as easy as you think. But if you denied Google adsense, Don't worry, There is an another option called Chitika ads and which is becoming very popular in all parts of the world and good in customer service.
What you have to do ?

1. First all you need is to have a Blog or website in which you can post Ads.
2. Second thing is to create an account in Chitika as a publisher.
3. Once the account is confirmed a confirmation email will come to you some patience is needed.
4. If it doesn't come you can directly approach, Chitika via mail or phone.
5. Once your account is approved you can start getting adcodes from chitika and can place it in your website.

There are 3 types of adcodes available !!!
1. Text Ads
2. List Unit Ads
3. Mobile ads

You can generate ads in custom size. Once you post that ad code in your website or Blog you can earn either  by click per add policy or through referral programs.

Referral program is an interesting part of Chitika ads. You can refer other publishers to Chitika and can earn. You can get the referral ad code by going into "ad setup" option and click "referral program" and get your referral code.

First create a Blog for you or any cause and start applying for Chitika ad sense. Make sure that you post in your blog at regular intervals. Make your blog active by engaging users in it.

Some Of the thing which should be avoided !!!

1. Dont click your own ads,
2. Dont post objectionable contents (Sexually sensitive contents).
3. Dont place ads on sites taht gives incentives to users for clicking ads.
4. Dont place ads on torrent or download on others sites.

If you violate this it may result in a disapproval of your account.

Then Start using Chitika ad sense and use Chitika ads for you blog or websites.

Click The Image to go directly to the Chitika webpage :)

                                      Apply to be a Chitika Publisher!

Hope This information will give you a clear Idea about Chitika adsese and catalyst your brain to start earn from now. :)

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  1. thank you very much for shared this informative ways to earn money online at home.Also you can jon any best affiliate programs to make money easilly.