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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Hiriko Electric Car Review | Hiriko Electric Car Price In India


Engineers are Awesome, Inventions are getting better and better. You almost get what you want, what you lust for, what you desire. It’s rare to find every great feature technology has ever produced molded into a single shimmering masterpiece. But when you do find it, you can do nothing but behold it in admiration. Well, Hiriko is one such instance.

Remember watching “The Jetsons” as a child and wishing you could own some of those super cool space age vehicles – cars which could fold up, flying bikes and saucers? Well, it looks like that space age has finally come around and our childhood dreams are finally about to come true with – the “Hiriko” project!

No, it’s not even remotely connected to Japan. The “Hiriko,” the Basque word for “urban,” is a tiny, super-cute, two-seater EV (Electric vehicle) with its motor located in the wheels and without any doors – you get in through the fold-up front windscreen!!
2 persons can sit in this car. Not futuristic enough? Well, this should make you sit up, the pod-like car folds up like a child’s collapsible stroller and the wheels pivot at right angles to make those tight-spot parkings a breeze. Having trouble making that parallel parking in traffic? No problem, even people with low to nil parking skills will be able to make that mysterious three-point turn and maneuver into those itsy-bitsy spots.
For those of you interested in the technicalities of it, the car is 100 per cent electric with no mechanical controls whatsoever. A “state of the art information system for permanent communication in an intelligent city environment,” simply means, you can find the car with your smart phone. Now isn’t that a good way to find a lost car in an over-crowded parking lot?
If you are still scratching your heads about the fold-up wind screen, well, the Hiriko’s four in-wheel motors allows this to happen because there is no traditionally connected drive train. This also gives it an effective four-wheel drive system with just the right amount of traction for different driving conditions.

Even the steering wheel has been replaced by a joystick or a “haptic” steering mechanism that will tug at the driver’s fingers and urge steering moves when the on-board navigation system directs it to do so. Now that’s artificial intelligence for you!

The car may be tiny but it has a range of 75 miles (120 kms) without a recharge but it’s speed will be pre-set to respect city speed limits. For all you speed demons out there, this means no squealing tires in a road race.

We don’t know about those long, romantic ‘cozy couple’ trips, but the car’s manufacturers have already envisioned the car as a micro city-car that can be owned or rented out like bicycles. Cities like Berlin, Barcelona, San Francisco and Hong Kong have already expressed their interest while Paris, London, Boston, Dubai and Brussels are still debating about it.
And when can we expect to get our hands on this futuristic vehicle? Well, the Hiriko is scheduled to enter the mass production stage and be ready for commercial sale by the spring of 2013. But before that, 20 vehicles for test drives are already being produced and are set to begin trials in Bilbao, Spain, Malmo, Sweden and Boston later this year.

PRICE of Hiriko Electric car is around 16000$ and cost of Hiriko Electric car in India is around 9 Lakhs .....
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