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Monday, 11 March 2013

Want To Earn Money Online - Affiliate Program In India

To the people who want to earn money online ?

You are in the right place. Flipkart offers you a affiliate program which enables you to make more money. 
You must have a blog or website to place Flipkart adds.

The few things which you need to do is , 
  • Identify products that match your site content. Narrow your picks by searching on for specific products, keywords, and categories that match the topic of your Web site. View your results first by product, and then sort by other criteria, e.g., average customer review.
  • Another way to identify products is to visit various product lines' Best Sellers pages, which list best-selling items in a large number of categories and genres, and are regularly updated. You can feature items from any of the lists
  • You can find more products to promote by looking at ‘Featured Deals, ‘Recently Sold’, ‘New Releases’
  • Reviewing your Products Reports lets you find out what products your users are purchasing after visiting your site – promoting these specific products can lead to a higher conversion rate for you.
  • Try promoting higher-priced products. Featuring a range of price points gives you the chance to make higher commissions. pays commission to affiliates depending on category of product sold via their website varies from  1% to 10%
Books : 6%
Apply to be a Chitika Publisher!Mobiles & Accessories – 1%
Computers : 0.5%
Cameras : 2%
Digital - 10%
Games & Consoles : 1%
Movies & TV Shows : 4%
Music : 4%
Audio & MP3 Players : 1%
Personal & Health Care : 1%
Home & Kitchen : 1%
TV & Video : 0.5%
Pens & Diaries : 4%
Watches : 8%
Leather & Travel Accessories : 8%
Health & Beauty : 4%
Toys : 4%
Baby Care : 4%

How they pay you ?
a. Gift Voucher
b. Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
If affiliates select payment via gift voucher, Flipkart will accrue and withhold referral fees until the total amount due is at least Rs 250.00. If affiliates select payment via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), Flipkart will accrue and withhold referral fees until the total amount due is at least Rs 2500.00. Gift vouchers may be redeemed against purchase from Flipkart.
An extensive earnings report is available with every Affiliate of The report has exhaustive statistics on purchases made and commission earned. Summarized reports may be viewed once an Affiliate is signed up.

A search bar permits your site visitors to view Products that are the results of their search query within the Search Box link or view results that link directly to a page on the Flipkart Site that contains the results of their search query.

" You can promote flipkart products either through Product Links, Static banners, Buttons or Multi Product banners."

Hope this information might help you :)

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  1. yeah good way n easier to earn money

  2. Yup diz iz d gud way 2 earn money... n thanks 4r ur info .. :)

  3. knowledgeable one. good work. thank you.

  4. Online affiliate program is one of the easiest way to earn money online especially for new online entrepreneurs. This one is great, keep it up!

    1. Thanks Dude . Your appreciations really encourages me to go forward.

  5. Hello,
    This is a best way to earn money online through best affiliate programs, you explain very nicely or most informative.
    Keep it up.