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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Requirements for building a Website, Simple Website project

Basic Requirements for a good Website and how to build it.

1. Any IDE (Eclipse or Netbeans (Recomended Eclipse)).
2. Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS (Enough to build a good website but knowing jquery would be a added advantage).
3. A Hosting Server.

Basically you can execute HTML and CSS codes in a notepad. But having a Eclipse IDE will have an advantage of reducing the complexity of building a website.

Download Eclipse JUNO(latest version) from their website and extract it to the folder you want
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No installation required for Eclipse

Steps to start a static/dynamic web project in Eclipse or Netbeans.
1. Go to New Project
2. Choose "Static/dynamic" web project and give a name to the project and click finish.
3. Create the folders you want (Like for Images, js, css ...) in the web content and start inserting the corresponding files in the respective folders.

After those process start writing codes for your project.
If you don't know about HTML and CSS go to for a clear tutorial.

Stucture of HTML:
  • Header
  • Body
  • Footer
For a professional website top menus and footer menu should be present in all pages in order to make it look professional.

Buying a Server

After building your website you must host in a server so that people can see your website worldwide. you can host your website in your own server or some of the other company's server which you pay to them and get storage space.
Normally a Web site server costs ranges in India from 200 to 5000 depends on the hosting companies plans. You can host as many websites as you can within the storage space allocated to you.

you have register your domain(www<your domain name>com) either by free of cost or around 500 bucks in minimum which you can do in your hosting center it self.

Famous hosting Centers:

1. Godaddy
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2. Crazy Domains

3. Hostgator

if we go for buying a website of our own it may cost above 10000 to 100000. If we start building of our own we can reduce the cost and maintain the websites ourselves.

I hope this article will give you a good knowledge about building a website. Any doubts please comment here below the post.
I am happy to help you.

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