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Monday, 11 March 2013

Jobs for engineers - Solution

Just spend 2 minutes to read this article which may be useful...
There are more than Millions of Engineers are being passed out every year and the number is keep on increasing. Few years back demand for Engineers in the IT field was better and stable. But when seeing 2011 and 2012,  students found it really difficult to get a job even in a small company. Many are saying that this is due to Barrack Obama's new rules in US or recession in US.

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Let me clear one thing...

The main reason for the new drought in IT field is that more and more number of engineers are being passed out per year and its keep on increasing but necessity for human power for the IT field is very low. If the requirement for 
The economic slowdown is no longer a mere conversational statistic. It is now hitting the middle class where it hurts most: In jobs. Two surveys, conducted by apex industry chambers FICCI and ASSOCHAM, released in the first week of September last year, confirm what head hunters and job portals have noticed for months: India Inc's pessimism about its business prospects, evident now for more than a year, has finally translated into a cut in hiring.

The Worst Thing
Many fake companies and job portals are making use of unemployed youths to earn money ... They give fake assurances of giving job one he/she paid money. The result is only few people got job in a good company and some others had their place in small companies and many of the people got cheated and they lost their money.

One question from me !!!
Is getting job in a software concern is the only solution to run a life ?
There are various ways of getting job ...
We can run your own business ???
If there is no money we can join a different area of work other than IT and can excel ourselves in that particular area.
We can be a innovator in agriculture related fields and can earn from it and so on.
There are various ways to earn money in this world. 

We may not deserved to get a job If yes, We are deserved to give a job !
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Wake up my friends :)


  1. 1st Try is D BSt Try.... Way 2 gO brother , hope sum start thinking !!!

    1. sure bro we will improve our self and will try to give more useful infos :)