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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Why to study, choose Engineering in India


The big question that raises in every one's Mind that why to choose Engineering as their profession.

We list the reason and its details.
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Because Engineering deals with,
  • Prestige
  • Professionalism
  • Flexibility and Choice
  • Intellectual Development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Challenge
  • Creativity
  • Discovery
  • Helping Society

Reason 1: Money.

This is always one of the top reasons to study anything. It's important to know that engineers are among the top-paid professions world-wide. It's well known that if you want money, engineering is one of the best ways to go. And since money is so important in our world, especially in these economic times, this is one factor you should be considering carefully.

Reason 2: Prestige

Along with doctors and lawyers, engineers are professionals who have a lot of prestige. Wouldn't your mother be proud to tell all her relatives and friends that her son or daughter is an engineer? You'll gain a desired job image, and join a profession that supports national and global competitiveness, security, and rising living standards. Being an engineer just makes you look great!

Reason 3: Professionalism

Engineering programs worldwide are among the top, most-advanced educational programs. Study with top-of-the-line technology, receive great coop placements and training, and join a profession like no other. While working, you'll benefit from not only competitive wages and prestige- being a member of an engineering society will give you access to information and technology that will help you do your work better and enjoy life. Engineering is a professional choice.

Reason 4: Flexibility and Choice

These days, everybody's looking for choice. Engineering offers so many choices you can have a hard time deciding on which one fits you- from electrical and mechanical to computer science or civil, the various areas of engineering are all exciting and in high demand. Engineering degrees open up a road to flexible education- you can continue to earn an MBA, and move into other great careers. Engineering is a great choice that opens up many paths for the future.

Reason 5: Intellectual Development

Engineering will help you grow and develop your ways of thinking. Becoming an engineer will force you to work on many transferable skills including problem-solving and critical reasoning. In addition you'll study a large variety of topics in school, including engineering courses but also sciences, and even some arts and languages. Knowing more and having more useful skills will develop you as a person.

Reason 6: Entrepreneurship

Nobody wants to be a little bolt in a big corporate machine. Studying engineering provides you with the knowledge and skills to open up your own business and become your own boss. Engineering training exposes you to businesses and gets you more familiar with things like finance and marketing, which is important for business purposes, and transferable skills will help you run your own company.

Reason 7: Challenge

Everyone likes a good challenge, since life would be boring otherwise. Engineering is a challenge. Throughout both your studies and your later career, you will be faced with problems which will require your creativity and logical analysis skills. Real world problems will be open ended with no wrong or right answer- it'll be up to you to find a solution and stand up to it, convincing others it's right. The engineering challenge is something to look forward to.

Reason 8: Creativity

Most jobs don't allow you to be creative. Engineering, on the other hand, lets you exercise your judgment however you want. You'll need to be creative to come up with solutions to fascinating problems, and you'll be able to use both concrete knowledge and your own thoughts and views when coming up with a successful original design or development. Engineering is the art of science!

Reason 9: Discovery

An engineering education will help you discover how the world works. You may be dealing with recent issues such as electric cars, alternative energy sources, nuclear reactors, and more. You may end up seeking for answerson how to solve world hunger or what kinds of technology cause cancer. Engineering is interconnected with science and research, and it will allow you to learn and discover a world of knowledge.

Reason 10: Society Needs You

If you're smart, you have a responsibility to society. Don't waste your brain power- become an engineer. From the early days of dawn engineers have worked to benefit society- developing everything from necessary forms of safety and security measures and transportation mechanisms, to devices and technologies that enrich life and make it better and more comfortable for everyone. New engineering trends may help solve issues like diseases, hunger, energy, and pollution problems. Make a difference- help us engineer a better tomorrow.

"Choosing Engineering doesn't makes you a real engineer, It needs Sheer determination towards the goal and efforts that are need to achieve it "

All the best for present and future Engineers.
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